Wide Angle LED Lights--full wave rectified

These lights are bright from any direction! The wide angle provides a larger distribution of light keeping it bright from any side of the light. They are perfect for smaller displays since the light is a smaller than most other styles.

However, they are very bright for their size and show up nicely even on full size trees.

Consider also using wide angle lights on table trees or inside a bowl or dry vase with flowers...they are perfect for decorating since they don't get hot to the touch.

Technologically advanced light emitting diode (LED) holiday lights use 80-90% less energy than conventional mini-lights and will burn for years of seasonal use.

-- Description 50L 5mm Wide Angle LED Light Sets
Specifications      All specs are approximate
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Lighted length 24'
  Wire gauge 22
Lead length 4"   LED or Incand. LED
Tail length 4" Swappable Colors no
Total length 25'
  Sealed or Remov. bulbs Sealed
Bulb style (Click for Styles) Wide Angle   Bulb color --
Bulb spacing, inches 6"   Color sequence N/A
Bulb Texture faceted
end-to-end Y   Number of bulbs 50
piggyback Y   Transformer needed
number which may be connected end-to-end up to 210 watts
Cord color Green   Controller functions N
Voltage 120 vac   Amp Draw @ volts .@120
Watts @ volts @120
  Indoor/Outdoor Y
Half- or Full-wave rectified Full*
Packaging (Box, Polybag, None, Varies) P   UL and/or CSA Y
Brand Name GKI Satisfaction Guarantee 10 Days 
Mfr. Warranty 30 Days   Our Warranty 90 Days 

IMPORTANT: Each LED bulb is manufactured individually, so some variance in color is to be expected. If you have questions, contact us before you order, so you're sure to get what you're expecting.

* Not stated by the manufacturer, but I believe it is Full wave
Other Specs  The following statements are generally true for all LED Light Strings
As a general rule, LED Lights use 90% less energy than incandescents
LED bulbs last years longer than incandescents.
If one bulb goes out, the rest stay lit.
LED bulbs are cool to the touch
LEDs are non-fading. Even when left out in the sun.

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Click to view: Amber Blue (also available in 70 bulbs) Cool White (also available in 35 bulbs and 70 bulbs) Cool White Frosted Green (also in 35 bulbs and 70 bulbs)
All sets in this section have 50 LED bulbs unless otherwise specified.Multi 70 bulbsRainbow Multi
(purple bulb instead of orange)
Rainbow Multi FrostedPurpleRed (also in 35 bulbs and 70 bulbs)
Warm White (also in 70 bulbs)Warm White FrostedWarm White on White CordWarm White with Color Changing
Battery Operated:AmberBlue (also on white cord)Cool White (also on white cord)Green (also on white cord)Multi (also on white cord)
All sets in this section have 20 LED bulbs unless otherwise specified.Rainbow Multi on White CordRed (also on white cord)Warm White (also on white cord)Cool White M5 on white cord with blinking functionMulti with 70 LED Bulbs, Timer, and twinkle function
Snowman Kit LED set. Eyes, nose, mouth, buttons Multi M5 with blinking functionCool White with 70 LED Bulbs, Timer, and Twinkle Function
Battery Operated on naked copper crafting wireBlue StarsCool White StarsRed StarsBlue MicrodotsAmber (Yellow/Gold) Microdots
All sets in this section have 20 microdot LEDs unless otherwise specified.
Battery Operated on Clear-Jacket Silver WireRedOrangeAmber (Yellow/Gold)GreenBlue
All sets in this section have 20 LEDs unless otherwise specifiedPurpleCool White Warm WhiteMulti
Battery Operated on Black WireOrangePurple
Battery Operated
Decapus (10 LEDs. One LED at the end of each of 10 pairs of wires)
Amber (Yellow/Gold)Multi (Red, Citrus Green, Amber)

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