G25 Globes LED light strings information and specifications
Specs      all specs are approximate  
Lighted length* 12.5ft/16.67ft   Wire gauge 22
Lead length 6"   LED or Incand. LED
Total length     Sealed or Remov. bulbs sealed
Bulb style 1" (25mm)Globe   Bulb color --
Bulb spacing* 6"/8"   Color sequence N/A
end-to-end  Y   Number of bulbs 25
piggyback Y   Cord color green
      Controller functions N
Voltage 120 vac   Amp Draw @ volts  
Watts @ volts     Indoor/Outdoor Yes
Packaging (Box, Bag, None) box or bag      
Mfr. Warranty Forever Bright(tm), three years, limited      
Notes: *For some reason, some of these sets are 12.5 ft (6" bulb spacing), others are 16.67 ft (8" bulb spacing). We do not know which you may receive.

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